Six negotiation ahead, United Kingdom from the European Union will have a wheel war

Side exit with the EU, while signing free trade agreements with other countries (FTA), which is the United Kingdom’s calculations. However, the United Kingdom would really get rid of the EU bureaucracy, and return to the golden age of trade? Mobility can reject the single market, and for the city of London on retaining the “Passport privileges”? In the 1xbet newspaper in a recent interview, a number of United Kingdom senior officials and think tank members are referred to Bespokemodel, namely United Kingdom want different mode of any kind of special treatment.

But, to wants to smooth off Europe and again joined world trade layout, United Kingdom must first conquer following six big mutual associated of negotiations: first, with EU of legal segmentation negotiations; second, with EU of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations; third, in off Europe and the into with EU FTA of gap during of British Europe Trade temporary agreement; IV, joined WTO (WTO) of agreement; v, with 53 a national of new FTA; VI, with EU in defense and security policy aspects cooperation of negotiations. Currently it is undisputed by all parties, United Kingdom between them and the European Union to “divorce” of legal negotiations, which officially launched the 50th article of the Lisbon Treaty. This negotiation really is by separation with divorce: the split assets, institutions, pension rights, discuss the United Kingdom would be how to pay for the rest of the EU budget, the EU how to protect the rights of Britons living in EU, and vice versa.

Under EU law, this “divorce” talks for a period of 2 years, 1xbet within the said time limit cannot be reached, after the agreed delay. But in fact, Britain and Europe do not want timed out. United Kingdom off new European Affairs Minister David Davis, recently revealed that the United Kingdom is planned for December 2018 to formally withdraw from the EU. EU strongly hopes that at the end before June 2019 and the United Kingdom all this mess between, on one hand, at this point in time, the EU will hold election at EU institution level, on the other hand, the European Union will discuss the EU budget for the next 7 years beginning in 2020.

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